MAA is a leading international architecture practice that is dedicated to develop innovative and visionary projects that ranges from architecture and urban design to interiors as well as installations and product design. The award winning architectural design studio founded in Istanbul in 2013 by Melike Altınışık, draws inspiration from a wide range of sources not traditionally associated with architecture, such as organic and natural systems.

MAA’s approach to develop the relational thinking capacities of the architecture in its relation with design techniques through generative processes of technological, material and computational innovation have afforded the practice a visionary perspective on all aspects related to architectural building design.

MAA has participated in various national, international and invited architectural competitions, exhibitions and publications. Melike Altınışık’s work received numerous prestigious awards including the Europe 40 under 40, FEIDAD Design Award 07’ and Swiss Art Award.

MAA’s work include prize winning projects such as Istanbul TV and Radio Tower in Turkey and Seoul Robot Science Museum in South Korea.


Melike Altınışık
Melih Altınışık


    MIMMEL was established in 2015 by Melike Altınışık, and operates under the lead of Co-Director Melih Altınışık. She expresses her imaginary world within the artisanry territories of parametric Pattern Design & Art via using MIMMEL as a platform to push the boundries of contemporary design.

    MIMMEL’s portfolio includes design from a wide range of design disciplines such as fashion, bespoke furniture and interiors. As an award-winning architect and designer Melike Altınışık’s work is dedicated to develop an innovative approach towards design.






    Digital Turn
    Europe 40 under 40
  • 2019 Genetic Codes of Turkish Design, Istanbul / Turkey
    2019 Hologra-MAA Soho House, Istanbul / Turkey
    2019 GEMMS, Istanbul / Turkey
    2018 Digital Turn, AADRL XX , London / UK
    2018 Europe 40 under 40, Athens / Greece
    2018 Turkey Architectural Yearbook 2017 / Mimarlık Yıllıgı 2017 Istanbul / Turkey
    2017 Design Week Turkey, Istanbul / Turkey
    2017 Collectible Design, ECNP Gallery Istanbul / Turkey
    2017 4th International Architectural Biennale Antalya, Turkey
    2017 Marble Garden Biophilic Design Exhibition by AKDO, Istanbul / Turkey
    2013 YAP Istanbul Modern Young Architects Program, Finalist
    2007 'SwissArtsAward 2007' Exhibition, Art Basel/ Switzerland
    2006 'Sigrade Exhibition', Organizator Universidad de Chile, Chile
    2006 'AA Project Review', London/ UK
    2005 'AA Project Review', London/ UK
    2005 'Beyond Media Exhibition', Florence/ Italy


    2019 NXT BLD, 'Dialogue in between Architecture and Technology', London
    2019 AA Lecture, AADRL Keynote Speaker, 'The Dialogue in between Nature, Technology and Architecture', Melike Altınısık , London
    2018 Digital Turn, Melike Altınısık, London


    2019  Jotun Keynote Speaker ' Architecture&Innovation', Copenhagen
    2019 PLOOTU 19, 'MAA: Architecture & Innovation',Helsinki
    2014 SAC – Staedelschule of Architecture, Frankfurt, 'The Dialogue 'In Between' Analogue and Computational Design', Frankfurt
    2019 SHARE Athens, 'MAA: Architecture & Innovation', Athens
    2015 'Obsession' by Arkitera, Post Office, Rotterdam 
    2019 FIA 2019, 'MAA: Architecture & Innovation', Tel Aviv
    2014 Lebanese American University, Beirut, 'Dialog of Scales', Beirut
    2020 SHARE Bucharest 'Transforming the World Through Architecture', LIVE Webinar
    2020 Krasnodar Yugbuild  ‘DESIGN SPACE’ Architecture & Design Forum
    2019 100+ FORUM RUSSIA,'MAA: Architecture & Innovation',  Yekaterinburg
    2019 PLAT19, 'MAA & Innovation', Gotheborg 
    2020 CTHUB Istanbul BIM Days, Construction Technologies & Innovation
    2020 Kalebodur'la Mimarlar Konuşuyor with Prof.Dr. Abdi Güzer
    2020 BIM4 TURKEY, İnşaat Sektörünün Geleceği ve Dijitalleşme, LIVE Webinar 
    2020 GISP Yuvarlak Masa ‘Mimaride Yeni Yaklaşımlar’
    2019 ARCH+DSGN PECHA KUCHA, 'Kuleyi Beklerken: Formun Ritmi'
    2019 ITU ArchCAREER, '1 EV 2 OFİS', ABOUTBLANK - Hasan Sıtkı Gümüşsoy and MAA - Melike Altınısık
    2019 EXCHANGE 'NEW', Salt Glata, 'New Technologies' Melike Altınısık, MAA with 'New Markets' David Gianotten, OMA
    2019 AURA FOCUS: Mimarlar Cephede, Moderatör: Kurtul Erkmen with Cem Ilhan, Durmus Dilekçi and Melike Altınısık
    2019 Mimar Sinan Güzel sanatlar Üniversitesi, 'Mimaride Robotik Yaklasımlar', Melike Altınısık
    2019 ITU 'Kuleyi Beklerken: Tasarımı Tasarlamak', Melike Altınısık
    2019 Unesco Design Summit Istanbul, Moderatör: Sertaç Ersayın with Melike Altınısık
    2019 TRT RADIO Talk with Melike Altınısık
    2018 ARCH + DSGN 'Bi Kahve Sohbeti', Melike Altınısık Arhcitects
    2018 Özyegin University 'Mimari ve Tasarımda Gelecek' Panel Discussion, Moderatör: Heval Zeliha Yüksel with Melike Altınısık, Nilüfer Kozikoglu, Eren Çıracı, Yunus Emre Kara
    2018 ISMD / Salt Galata 'Kuleyi Beklerken: Tasarım, Uygulama ve Kamusal Alan' Panel Discussion, Moderatör: Gökhan Karakus with Melike Altınısık, Selami Gürel, Deniz Aslan
    2018 Denizli Chambers of Architects, Melike Altınısık Architects Panel
    2018 Vardiya, Digital Roundtable 23, Venice Architectural Biennale, Melike Altınısık
    2018 'Technology, Design and Application' 'Lecture at Ultimaker S5 Launching by Melike Altınısık
    2018 Yapı Fuarı 2018 / TurkeyBuild 'Pre Product: Make A Difference in Material' Panel Discussion, Moderatör: Nilufer Kozikoglu with Gokhan Karakus, Ahmet Topbas, Ahmet Burçin Gürbüz, Ebru Sapouglu and Melike Altınısık
    2018 YTU 'Create Space' Lecture by Melike Altınısık
    2018 AKDO Silkar, 'Complexity and Order' Panel Discussion, Moderator: Gokhan Karakus with Nilufer Kozioglu and Melike Altınısık
    2018 DOU 'Create Space in the new age of Architecture' Lecture by Melike Altınısık
    2018 MIMARSIV Selection 2018 'Architectural Design Technologies', Moderator: Gokhan Karakus with Hadi Teherani, Daghan Çam (AI-Build) and Melike Altınısık
    2018 MEF 'Material Systems and Computation' Lecture by Melike Altınısık at Nilufer Kozioglu Design Studio
    2018 BEU 'Intersecting New Perspectives in Architecture' Lecture by Melike Altınısık with Burak Pekoglu
    2017 KHU 'Advanced Presentation Techniques' Lecture by Melike Altınısık
    2017 'Inbetween Space: Facade' Lecture by Melike Altinisik at ITU Facade Technologies Master Programme
    2017 BIMGenius 'From Design to Concstruction' Lecture by Melike Altinisik at Studio-X Istanbul
    2017 Bogazici University 'Construction Economy Summit' IEZ17', Moderator: Füsun Yılmaz Phillipson with Aydan Volkan, Alev Avcı and Melike Altınısık
    2017 ITU 'Digital Design, Architecture' Lecture by Melike Altınısık
    2017 Medipol University, 'Cultural Buildings' Lecture by Melike Altınısık
    2017 FMV Isık University, Melike Altınısık Architects
    2017 Architecture + Design Summit Istanbul, 'Architecture- Projections- Realities', Moderator: Sebnem Yalınay Cinici with Saffet Kaya Bekiroglu, Hayriye Sözen and Melike ALtınısık
    2017 Tasarım Bilkent 17, Megastructures, Moderator: Abdi Güzel with Aybars Asçı and Melike Altınısık
    2017 Best FM Radio with Ufuk Karcı 'Konusan Türkiye'.
    2016 TUSCA 17. 'Design Strategies in Steel Structures' Lecture by Melike Altınısık
    2016 DCA 2016 European Architecture, Turkish Architects Forum, Moderator: Suha Özkan with Selcuk Avcı, Kerem Yazgan and Melike Altınısık
    2015 Kadir Has University, 'In Between Space' for 'Understanding Space' led by Yelda Gin
    2014 Arkimeet 2014, 'Herkes Birgün Mimar Olacak'
    2014 BIM in Architecture & Construction by Infotron, 'BIM: From Design to Construction'
    2014 ITU Bahar Senlikleri
    2014 Arkimeet 2014 'Next'
    2013 Arkimeet 2013 'Turkish Passport in Architecture'
    2013 AA Visiting School Istanbul 2013 - Vertical Interventions V.03, 'Design to Construction'
    2012 ITU, 'Panel: Building Information Management & Architecture', Moderator: Yuksel Demir with Prof. Dr. Marco Hemmerling, Alexis Sanal, Melike Altınısık



    2019 Golden Trezzini Awards, Best Future Museum 'Seoul Robot Science Museum'
    2019 EMAAR Dubai International  Landmark Design Competition, Urban Carpet, Shortlisted
    2019 Robot Science Museum, Seoul/South Korea, 1.Prize
    2018 KFAS HEADQUARTERS International Architecture Competition, Kuwait, Shortlisted
    2018 EUROPE 40 UNDER 40 Award has been presented to MELIKE ALTINISK
    2018 'Motion in the Shell' is selected for Turkey Architectural Yearbook 2017
    2017 WAN Future Projects Transport Award, Kızılırmak Bridge Design, Shortlisted
    2008 IDOM-ACXT 'International Award for Architecture', Madrid/Spain
    2007 'SwissArtsAward 2007', Basel/Switzerland
    2006 'Feidad Award 2006', Taipei/Taiwan Design Merit Award


    2017 Marble Garden Biophilic Design Invited Competition by AKDO, Finalist
    2016 Kızılırmak Bridge Design Competition, Sivas/Turkey, 1.Mention
    2016 Börklüce Mustafa Monument and Plaza Design Competition, Izmir/Turkey, Honorable Mention
    2015 Beylikdüzü Recreational Valley and Bridges Competition, Istanbul/Turkey, 3rd Mention
    2015 Kepez Landmark Competition, Antalya/Turkey, 1st Mention
    2014 Izmir Design Corridors Competition, Izmir/Turkey, 1st Prize
    2014 Gökçeada HighSchool Campus Competition, Honorable Mention
    2014 Gelibolu (Gallipoli) Historic National Park Memorials Design Competition, Shortlisted
    2013 TAK Kıyıköse Competition, 1.Prize
    2013 YAP Istanbul Modern Young Architects Program, Finalist
    2012 Denktas Mausoleum & Museum Design Competition, Lefkosa/TRNC 1.Mention
    2012 Kartepe 30.Meridien Landmark Design Competition, Kartepe/Turkey 1.Prize
    2011 Istanbul Camlica TV and Radio Tower Design Competition, Istanbul/Turkey 3.Prize
    2008 Küçükçekmece Masterplan Design Competition, Istanbul/Turkey 1st Mention
    2008 Istanbul Beyoglu Theatre Design Competition,Istanbul/Turkey 1st Mention


    2020   Günseli Kato ile Miyako'dan Payitahta
    2020   AA Video Interviews
    2020   Architect and Design Instagram Live Discussion
    2020   Arşivdeki Fotoğraflar
    2020   Hazır Evdeyken
    2020   The Innovators Instagram Live Session
    2020   Kaydetmeden Instagram Live Session
    2020   Aura Crea Workshop
    2020   Mimaride Yeni Yaklaşımlar
    2020   CTBUH Istanbul 'BIM DAYS, Construction Technology and Innovation'
    2020   DESIGN SPACE
    2020   AADRL Invited Guest Critic
    2020   Altın Örümcek Web Awards
    2020   ROCA Gallery Connects
    2020   Mimarizm Çatkapı
    2020   Kalebodur'la Mimarlar Konuşuyor
    2020   IZTECH Online Seminar '21st Century Maestros'
    2020   VBenzeri Buluşmalar | İnsan İçin Teknoloji
    2020   Architecture and  21. Century Maestros
    2020   SHARE Bucharest 2020 LIVE Webinar
    2019   MAA Wins Competition for Robot Museum in Seoul, South Korea
    2019   Aura Focus: Mimarlar Cephede
    2019   Unesco Istanbul Design Summit
    2019   Eko Yapı
    2019   National Geographic Turkey
    2019   Exchange:New
    2019   News All Around The World
    2019   MAA 2019 International Lectures
    2019   VARDIYA Digital Roundtable 23
    2019   AADRL Keynote Speaker
    2019   MAA Istanbul TV&Radio Tower Site Visit
    2019   100+ FORUM RUSSIA
    2019   [email protected] Turkey
    2019   MAAterial Game
    2019   Hologra-MAA, Soho House ıstanbul
    2019   Share Athens 2019
    2019   PLAT'19
    2019   VBenzeri Kampüs
    2019   PLOOTU19 Keynote Speaker
    2019   NAARO has visited Istanbul TV&Radio Tower
    2019   FIA 2019
    2019   IKU Mimarlık Konuşmaları
    2019   NXTBLD 2019
    2018   MIMARSIV Selection 2018
    2018   Radio Talk at Best FM
    2018   Turkey Architecture Yearbook 2017
    2018   Istanbul Çamlıca TV & Radio Tower - Site Visit
    2018   Intersecting New Prespectives in Architecture Lecture
    2018   Think Influence Create
    2018   Digital Turn Exhibition London
    2018   Europe 40 Under 40 Award
    2018   Bi Kahve
    2018   K2 Moving Up
    2018   Istanbul Çamlıca TV & Radio Tower - Site Visit
    2018   eVolo 2019
    2018   Kuleyi Beklerken
    2018   IstanbulArtNews Exclusive Interview
    2018   Şişecam Mimarca Cam
    2018   Pre Product: Make A Difference in Material!
    2018   Complexity and Order
    2017   Collectible Design
    2017   Arredamento Magazine June 17'
    2017   IABA Bienalle 17'
    2017   IEZ'17
    2017   Motion in the Shell
    2017   Design Week Turkey 17'
    2017   Istanbul Camlıca TV & Radio Tower - Site Visit
    2017   Tasarım Bilkent Panel Discussion
    2017   Architecture- Projections- Realities
    2017   Antenna Structure on Site
    2017   WAN Future Projects Transport Award
    2017   Cersaie Fair with Vitra
    2017   SteelPro 2017
    2016   MAA wins 1st Mention for Kızılırmak Bridge
    2016   Design Strategies in Steel Structures
    2016   Design Strategies in Steel Structures
    2016   Istanbul Camlıca TV & Radio Tower is Underconstruction!
    2016   Urban Lobby Master Architectural Design Studio
    2016   MAA wins 1st Mention for Borkluce Plaza
    2015   Obsession Panel Discussion, Rotterdam
    2015   Vertical Design Studio
    2015   MAA wins 1st Mention at Kepez Landmark Competition
    2015   MAA wins 3rd Mention at Beylikdüzü Recreational Valley and Bridges Competition
    2014   BIM in Architecture & Construction in Istanbul
    2014   Arkimeet 2014
    2014   Columbia University Project Review
    2014   Dialog of Scales
    2014   Canakkale Antenna International Compeititon
    2013   Arkimeet 2013
    2013   AA Istanbul Visiting School 2013
    2012   30Meridien Landmark
    2011   İstanbul Camlıca TV Tower Award Ceremony
    2011   Istanbul TV & Radio Tower
    2009   New Tectonics
    2008   Winner of 1st Mention for Istanbul Beyoglu Theatre Design Competition
    2008   Küçükçekmece Masterplan Design Competition
    2008   Pecha Kucha Beirut
    2007   SwissArts Award 2007
    2006   FEIDAD Award 2006


    MAA is interested to deal with the complex problems of tomorrow and uses mathematics, science and technology as a design tool to manage and understand the complexity. Therefore MAALab can be associated as multidisciplinary and collaborative design research platform within the practice.

    MAALab draws inspiration from a wide range of sources not traditionally associated with architecture, such as organic and natural systems as well as generative processes of technological, material and computational innovation.

    Experimental and speculative work at the MAALab provides to develop an ongoing research project by using new technologies to explore new possibilities for architecture with the aim of creating unknown spatial experiences.


    MAALab draws inspiration from a wide range of sources not traditionally associated with architecture, such as organic and natural systems as well as generative processes of technological, material and computational innovation.

    When MAA makes something, what you might see at the backstage
    When MAA makes something, what you might see at the backstage

    MAALab draws inspiration from a wide range of sources not traditionally associated with architecture, such as organic and natural systems as well as generative processes of technological, material and computational innovation.

    When MAA designs something, what you might see at the backstage
    Unfold Facade

    MAALab draws inspiration from a wide range of sources not traditionally associated with architecture, such as organic and natural systems as well as generative processes of technological, material and computational innovation.

    Hologra-MAA Logo
    Istanbul TV&Radio Tower - Scanning

    MAAClub investigates and explores how one can affect and influence the other within the design territories of the practice. We believe that we design at MAA through collaboration and the design dialogue develops through inter-disciplinary inspirational relationships.

    MAAClub,therefore, provides an inter-disciplinary platform where people can draw inspirations from the talks, lectures, articles, Q&S of MAA’s friends.