The conjunction in a sentence is integrating statements, the articulation of the skeleton is node that holds overall structure, molecules consist of binding elements that connect atoms together, as well as the whole of the original, the main point is not only the whole thing, also the components that gives the properties of that whole. moodWall is the whole of the participants who meet with the hundereds of components and wants to show the properties of the component that makes up the whole. Designing something also requires designing to produce it. moodWall is not a designed product but rather a process that is left to the participants.

moodWall installation was supported by Izmir University of Economics between 7-11 March in 2016. The design parameter was the mood of individuals which is symbolized by day-hour table, sticks and 3D printed joints that transform emotional, intangible, uncountable data into visible and create the moodWall itself as a visual language.

The joints of the moodWall come together to form the great whole and the goal is simply to say that all of the whole come from the pieces and to approach it with the joining pieces that makes up the whole.


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