L A M P

    Private Commission



SPIN LAMP design as a floor lamp enables the reinterpretation of a balanced world in between three gently touching revolving bodies to support each other where the design forms the atmosphere. The balance becomes the structure itself and which makes us question the three terms; gravity, balance and harmony.


The various compositions of three bodies are intriguing, thus speak the same language with its function which become something fluid and four-dimensional world where it transforms togetherness into space with lighting features floating on the top. 

SPIN LAMP consists of 3 separate parts which are available in 3 sizes.

The cylindrical revolving body contains all the electrical components and the light source.


Materials: Aluminium, Polycarbonate, Acrylic

Finishes: Anodized matte black

Dimensions: Small H1250mm x R250mm / Medium  H1450mm x R300mm / Large H1650mm x R350mm

Light: 3000K / energy efficient LEDs