MAA prints with HP's DesignJet Studio

MAA's architectural design experience at MAA is based on providing balance and dialogue between nature, technology, and people. Seeing a similar approach in HP's corporate identity is one of the important factors in our preference for experiencing HP DesignJet Studio, which has now become a part of our office.

It is very valuable for us that sustainability, recycling and reuse are not only abstract concepts but are integrated into the device production and encourage the user to embrace these concepts.

HP's DesignJet Studio large format printer, as a plotter, has a functional and contemporary approach to design. In an era when time is so valuable, the device which can be installed in such a short time as 10 minutes, impressed us a lot. In addition to being compact, it is also easy to use; gives high quality results.

Moreover, in today's world where mobility is becoming increasingly important, you can print with this plotter from anywhere, anytime, even from airplane.