The interaction can be between two creatures, as well as between a living thing and an object, or even between two inanimate objects. From this point of view, notion of the interaction describes a fairly broad range of relationships.

Interaction technologies, can be describe as the relationship between people with various technological devices.

The main purpose in interaction technologies is to make the relationship between object and human as user-friendly as possible, and to increase the use of the product.

Even the soft surface gripped by the hand on the pens can be count as an interaction technology. Even simple products such as coffee machine, treadmill and door handle can be seen as interaction technology in daily life.

However, in this presentation, we will narrow our view and examine the issue in terms of human-computer interaction.

We will look at the importance of creating simplified cross sections between human and computer by making a quick trip from the most primitive form of the computer. We will examine the possibilities of developing interaction technologies in architecture such as AR, VR and IoT.