Architect and Designer 



1.What's the idea that's obsessing you now?

For the last couple of years, I’ve been thinking and reading about the essence and tectonics of the spaces that we create, in which we feel inspirational, comfortable or just peaceful. One of the aspects that my personal research brought me is the existence of nature in our lives. The idea of Biophilia has deep roots in human retrospective; Erich Fromm's psychoanalytic concept which can be summarized as the love for all living systems. He proposes how as humans, we are affiliated with nature and lifelike processes which might be a biologically based need. I am thrilled to learn more about nature, ecology and spatial sustainability. Especially regarding the world's current situation with climate change and pandemics, we as designers have the responsibility in creating ‘living spaces’ with our own interpretation of material, scale and space. 

2.What would you like to create next ?

A personal design methodology of biophilic design and maybe in a private residential building.

4.Where do you go for inspiration ?

To the park or seaside, where I feel I'm alive and surrounded by the breathing creatures. I am simply amazed every time by the texture and pattern of the single elements of nature as well as the whole ecosystem itself. As architects and designers, we still have so much to learn from by just observing the interrelations of natural development and get benefit from its restorative effect.

3.What is your favorite everyday object ?

Any KONSTANTIN everyday object; may it be a marble vase or a terrazzo bowl makes me smile every single time I look. I like to see the lively texture of natural stone interpreted in simple totemic forms  :) 

5.What’s the last book that made you inspired

I read the book by Karen McCartney, "Perfect Imperfect: The beauty of accident, age & patina". Such an inspiring book to immerse yourself into Japanese concept of Wabi-Sabi that advocates the beauty to be found in simplicity, imperfection and authenticity.