Co-founder of VB-ARKITEKTEN

Hamburg, Germany


1.      What's the idea that's obsessing you now?

Architecture should become more like nature. Following up on my question how architecture can function as a symbolic immune system, I am thinking, at this particular point in time, about how architecture can become more like an immune system. Extending the modernist version of this question of functionality from “light, sun and air” to a contemporary equivalent:  Leading to future architectures of wellbeing.

2.      What would you like to create next ?

Two things: One is a Trojan Horse. The other one follows up on the idea of healing and architecture and our commitment to the creation of spaces (hostels) to become well for families of severely sick children. We have had an opening of such a specific architectural project at the end of last year and see it now inhabited. The idea of a communal space where many people live together and share their lives is something we are trying to develop further and give this specific program a specific form.  

3.      Where do you go for inspiration ?

Running. Long runs along the river and through the parks. Or walking - and talking. That is having time to breathe and to reflect. Then, the discourse is taking place with students and teachers at universities, fellow architects friends worldwide, at the studio, with partners, collaborators, artists and technological innovators. . Art and technology.

4.      What is your favorite everyday object ?

My Pen. In fact, any drawing tool at hand. Drawing creates flow. Also on the computer.

5.      What’s the last book that made you inspired?

This is a hybrid book: partly sociological, partly activist, individual and autobiographical, as well philosophical book by Didier Eribon called “Returning to Reims”.