Landscape and Urban Designer
Circular Economy Built Environment Specialist
Feeding Cities: Fixing Cities
Istanbul, TR

1.What's the idea that's obsessing you now?

That finally, hopefully, the current crises, (notably cost of living crises and very obvious environmental impacts), will shake people awake to exploring and embracing a different approach to responsible living. That individuals, businesses and organizations will search out ways to reduce waste and reduce energy needs for example and in doing so, stimulate and support new responsible business models and urban interventions that improve our quality of life and environment. Regenerative urbanism?

2.What would you like to create next ?

Unexpected connections. I am soon to begin work on a high-end residential and commercial development with particular focus on the open spaces. I aim to introduce many ideas relating to material re-use, construction waste avoidance, thoughtful and effective water management, food systems, reduced energy need and so on. It will be a challenge to take such concepts and ideas to a market that perhaps, up to now has often employed a different approach; the rich being able to buy their way out of trouble. However I think that for many reasons, people are much more receptive to new ways of thinking and maximizing efficiencies whilst not compromising on experience, enjoyment and quality. 

3.Where do you go for inspiration?

The news has become a terribly confrontational and depressing place. It’s sometimes very hard to maintain a momentum, optimism and energy when it seems that some challenges are insurmountable and in many ways we are staring at the prospect of a very, very tough planetary future. However, I have three young children, they inspire me to do my best. On a professional level, I’m drawn to the work of Project Drawdown who explore in great detail, existing solutions for reversing global warming (we can do it and many of the the tools are already here), the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and EAT Lancet who show how to eat exciting meals that are good for the planet. 

4.What is your favorite everyday object?

Can I say trees? I love trees. Everything that they can give us and for me, I especially like to walk, stand or site in the shade and shelter of a tree; a structure bigger than me, not made by man, that I cannot reach the top of. Without trees around me I would be a mental wreck. They should be everyday objects for everybody.

5.What’s the last book that made you inspired?


Project Drawdown the Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming

For pleasure:

I love books by Jasper Fford. He creates bizarre and incredibly imaginative worlds blending fantasy, literature, language… pure escape. Inspiration in the sense that I can press a stress reset button by getting ‘Lost in a Good Book’ (referencing one of his novels here).