‘A Timeless Scenography of Unseen Moments’ 

The experimental performance that RAIM exhibits in its own universe, tells its own story with the timeless scenography of unseen moments.

It's time to perform!

Everything starts and ends in an instant, actually  each moment tells the ‘memories’  that thought to start and end. All these moments explores by melting everything that creates around itself.

RAIM, each moment that generates itself. It creates, touches, wraps, spreads, listens, sings, tells, produces, exhibits, watches… RAIM is a timeless dialogue of an equation of many unknowns with many noticeabilities in the intersection of answers that seem to contradict each other while asking the question of "how" of a discovery.

RAIM identifies countless partnerships where it exists. While ‘partnership’ finds its definition as what exists for us or ‘noticing’ the process of existing, originally it takes shape as a way of touching one another that starts with a dialog. RAIM is a transparent and multi layered palimsest situation that touches the sky to the earth, the earth to nature, nature to man, man to technology, technology to the universe, the universe to the senses, and the senses to man again.

RAIM exhibits an infinite performance in a city that tries to exist itself wihtout even existing. In this infinite performance that tries to exist itself, it is a digital touch that transfers to man. It is either existent or nonexistent, an entity that isnt nonexistent, is an annihilation that exists. RAIM melts the sharp border between that all this dualities where one becomes meaningless without the other; it is born, it lives, it is defined, it is reborn, it lives and redefines.

RAIM always offers rendering the universe as whole and understandable with its all glory and transparence. The main target of this performance that is done by senses has been adjourn from performance to life by closing the gap between you and all else. RAIM is a performance ahead of time that experiences the future from a digital perspective, with technology leading the way. 

While RAIM expresses itself with its different reflections, it also causes deformations on the time scale alongside the spatial contribution it offers to the memory and archive. It also describes the change in the role of the human being, who questions all relations between the living, artificial and digital world and concludes that into its universe. While RAIM criticizes the fact that people gain meaning only with themselves in the city where they are designed to exist, it makes possibilities of future fiction in life tectonics through ’coexistence’.

When all these possibilities are said to have ended in a timeless place, RAIM is reborn with a cloud of dust and gas.


RAIM - Hologra-MAA Credit List

Architect: Melike Altınışık Architects-MAA

Design: Melike Altınışık

Creative Media Lead: Bengü Özmutlu

Visual DesignTeam: Bengü Özmutlu, Ece Tunca

Assistant: Umut Kapdağ

Sound: Single Moment – Prigida, Elite Alliance Music; Epic Elite (Music Publishing)