MAA | We are proud to announce that “Motion in the Shell” is selected for “Turkey Architectural Yearbook 2017 / Mimarlık Yıllıgı 2017“

Encounter + Explore + Experience : Motion in the Shell has an unique experience for all ages and genders from 7 till 70...

While the 'shell' represents a static concept for its own existence, the thing that provides the 'Motion' which makes it persistent, namely 'continuity', begins with human. In this sense, the person encounters with the shell, explores the shell, and then begins to experience the shell. The person who is in the center of the ‘Motion in the Shell’ goes on his quest for 'continuity' through this individual experience.

Motion in the Shell is nourished by the search for continuity of the 'memories' moving into the future, while creating 'moments' that produce experience. Experience starts in the shell, motion makes it persistence. @melikealtinisikarchitects @fibrobetonyapi @kassoengineering