Having an experience in high-rise buildings and management role experiences in Istanbul and London for a while, he joined Melike Altınışık Architects – MAA in 2012 as a Business Development Manager and now maintains an active role at MAA as Managing Director. Melih has always been drawn to take on complex problems that require elegant and unique solutions. Having 10 years of experience in the sector, parallel to MAA, he also continues his active role as Co-Director at MIMMEL which examines the cross-disciplinary approach to different scales of design. Now, he oversees office operations and business developments for MAA and MIMMEL. He pays close attention to the day-to-day details involved with putting together a good set of drawings, coordinates with sub-consultants, and researches marketing opportunities all in the same day. 

Altınışık completed his master degree of MBA in Project management at London School of Business and Finance, after studying Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering at State University of New York and Istanbul Technical University. 

Besides his ambition and passion towards the design World, having an aesthetic eye and sense for design and architecture, forms a strong bond with him and his work environment at MAA & MIMMEL.