'' From 2D Pattern to 3D Architectural Weaving Space and Structural System ''

The several circular intelocking circular patterns are combined to adorn all types of surfaces, forming, intriciate and complex structures. All togerher they are building a system to let themselves float gently in the air. Those elegant White evoke the gentle touch of a floating carpet above the plaza to shape a Landmark. The visitors will be able to spend time in, on and around of them.



The design evokes the lightness of a textile carpet while reflecting a new natural landscape to approximate a natural form of the earth.

Visitors following the flow of the design will feel themselves as part of this Landmark while walking on, in and under the Urban Carpet. Its unique landmark structure, which will be adopted in short time by the environment, it will be unique, permanent and attention-grabbing. The image of the Urban Carpet, which will benefit from the improvement and development of the region, will be visited by other people who come to Dubai from all over the World.


Weaving is one of the most widespread and traditional crafts in the world. It has been employed to create carpets, shelters, baskets, containers and so much more. It has been practiced for thousands of years, and the wide variation of weaving is remarkable.This unique Urban Carpet Landmark will take this craft  into architectural scale to weav spaces with a looping structural system.

Urban Carpet Landmark combines infrastructure and architecture for a speculative redevelopment of the bespoke Landmark at the center of the Dubai Creek Harbour.It provides a coherence between its flowing design and the harmony of this flow with the pathways on , in and under the Landmark. It has an unique aesthetics that will make its visitors a part of this greatness.


The project explores ways of producing architectural interventions based on an understanding of the city as a field of dynamics. Our primary concern involves infrastructure as architecture and their impact on the selected confined site and its immediate adjacencies. Urban Carpet Landmark is thought to be a continually contested and negotiated transient space, a ‘public living room, an orientation space, a public and private open space.