Baksı Anadolu Awards 2021 'Architectural Contribution Award' 

Baksı Culture and Arts Foundation organised the Anadolu Awards 2021 with the theme of 'Greeting the Past' in order to draw attention to the works that contribute to the common identity of Anatolia. Melike Altınışık was deemed worthy the ‘Architectural Contribution Award’ within Anadolu Awards 2021 by the Baksı Culture and Arts Foundation.  

'Architectural Contribution Award' was nominated by an outstanding selection committee, Prof. Dr. Suha Ozkan, Prof. Celal Abdi Güzer, Kerem Piker, Melkan Gürsel, Prof. Uğur Tanyeli. Based on the jury's statement, Melike Altınışık was deemed worthy of an award for her work in the relatively unique architectural design, and for her contemporary and original approach to design. The statement also emphasized Melike Altınışık's innovative architectural language and international design practice that is not limited only within the geography of Turkey.