Parametric Architecture, Founder - Editor in Chief

Istanbul, Turkey


1.What's the idea that's obsessing you now?

I was always obsessed with technology and the way it can create a positive impact on human lives. What I'm following on a daily basis is Artificial Intelligence technology. I explore how it's affecting different industries. 

2.What would you like to create next ?

I'm planning to make PA bigger and push it forward. Other than PA, 3D Printing technology is another topic that I'm really interested in. Maybe one day I will start a 3d printing construction company. Who knows, haha!

3.Where do you go for inspiration ?

My main source of inspiration is the Future, Love, and Technology. I am obsessed with the words like Change, Improve, Development, Getting better, and whatever makes things good in the world and changes things for the better.

4.What is your favorite everyday object ?

I really like my AppleWatch and the way it measures my body's activities throughout the day. It tracks, processes, and  shows a huge amount of data about many details in my body. I enjoy checking it during the day and seeing the results getting better.

5.What’s the last book that inspired you?

The last book I read was "Mission to Mars" by Buzz Aldrin. It explored the possibilities, obstacles, and challenges of humankind building a colony on the red planet. As we have started the "Mars Architecture" workshop, this book was like a bible for it.